Take on the role of the law enforcer protecting the toughest districts of Mars from alien scum hell-bent on destroying the colonists.

Ever since humans started to inhabit Mars, the neighbouring Aliens from Saturn decided to start stealing the human resources. Being a tough cop like yourself, you have ended up cruising the Sectors blowing these dirtbags to bits.

Getting from Police base to Police base is not safe, with all manner of aliens and obstructions in your path you have to jump or destroy obstacles to get the mission complete.

It is not a great job, but someone has to do it and it certainly earns the Cred's needed to pay the bills.

Meet the enemies!

  The UFO. Your easiest adversary, the UFO simply hovers around being a general menace. One quick shot from your vehicle mounted canon should wipe out this little smart alec!
3 pts
  The Skimmer. Flys past at low speed dropping plasma nukes! Best to get rid of these guys as soon as you see them or those bombs may be the death of you.
7 pts
  Land Mines. Pretty simple stuff here, run into it and it blows you to bits. Luckily they are dead-simple to spot and easy to destroy.
2 pts
  Pop-up turrets. The bane of all patrol buggies. These sneaky buggers pop up and fire off photon blasts at you! To make it worse, you cannot even destroy them when they are buried in the ground again so you really need to keep a watchful eye and time your shots.
10 pts

What do I get to drive?


Marscruiser 05. State of the art law enforcement, the Marscruiser is fitted with 5 all-terrain wheels to deal with the rough surface of the toughest Sectors a badass cop like you needs to patrol. In addition to this it has a finely tuned tachyon canon that aims effortlessly at any target location you choose.

How do I play?

Luckily controlling the game is not very hard! Simply tap the left side of the screen with your thumb to jump and tap anywhere else on the screen to launch a blast from your vehicle mounted cannot at that location.

Sounds easy yeah? Well, see how you go getting through the 12-level course and once that is complete.. whip out your phone to play random maps any time you have 5 minutes spare.

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