Live the life of a frog trying to reach his dream date at the end of the creek.

Leap your way up a fast-running stream towards the safety of the bridge ahead. Hopping from log to log while trying to snag a quick fly snack this game pits your reflexes against time as you frantically tap away.

At the end of the stream your dream date is patiently waiting, perched safely on the bridge she peers down on you hoping to be joined by a victorious green frog soon.

While madly hopping away, do not forget.. Frog chicks dig gifts! Keep an eye out on the logs for the gift package that can appear. Collecting this will certainly make her happy and grants a nice bonus to your score to boot.

How do I play?

Taming the creek is not very difficult, but does require a fair amount of practice to get right. Simple tap on the same log as your frog to make hime jump forward or tap to the side to make him jump left or right. Be careful though as a single wrong-tap can end in disaster for this aquatic fellow.

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