As Barry the miner, scurry around the mines collecting the diamonds before the ghosts can capture you.

Life is hard as a miner; you have to get up early every day, get down underground and harvest gems by digging them out of the ground.

It is tough, dirty work with little appreciation. It is even harder when the only mines you have access to are HAUNTED! And these ghosts are very persistent spectres.

Luckily for Barry, he is not without his own tricks. Planting traps behind him to freeze these incorporeal guardians of the deeps seems to be just as important as belting walls with his pickaxe to get the gems.

Featuring retro style pixel graphics Diamond Deeps harkens back to the old days of simple but addictive gameplay. Not only is Diamond Deeps a a single-player game in its own right but also the ability for gamers to make their own levels to play, share and challenge each other with the ingame level editor!

You can play on a Windows or Linux PC with keyboard (A to Dig, S to trap and arrows to move) or I highly recommend a gamepad such as an XBox 360 controller. Keep in mind planting traps and mining diamonds takes time so make sure you hold down those buttons to finish off what you start, unless you need to snap it off and make a quick getaway before the ghost gets you.

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