Welcome to BIT-GEN, a small game studio operated in the Sydney region of Australia. In fact, currently BIT-GEN is so small.. it is just 1 guy.

I have 2 completed/published games for Android and am deep into the development of my 3rd titles with plans to distribute on Steam, GoG and Desura (or something like that). I grew up playing games in the late 80's and 90's so love retro style pixel art and try to emulate something like that for both old guys like me and the younger generations who missed out on what I would consider the golden age of video games.

 - Mars Patrol - My first released title, a retro game for Android phones and tablets heavily inspired by the classic Moon Patrol game by Irem. The art for this game was done by a good friend of mine.

 - Hat Frog - My second Android title borrows some artistic inspiration from the classic Frogger game with a focus on touch-screen controls that can be played with just 1 hand. Another one that had art done by a mate of mine, it is good to have some artist friends!

 - Diamond Deeps - My First PC game for a long time available on Steam now! Windows and Linux both supported, either stream the game or install it directly onto your living-room Steam Machine, grab your gamepad and play.

 - Mimic - A free mini-RPG I done over a weekend for a GameJolt Game Jam and for fun.

BIT-GEN has started as a small hobby project with the plans to continue developing fun games. There are a few other games in development so we should soon start getting them onto our web site to show how they are progressing.

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